des enfants dans le centre de Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. About 72% of the population lives below the poverty line, with less than 2 dollars per day.

Our center in Mahajanga was opened in 2007, and is the first and only center for street children in the city.

Prométhée Humanitaire’s action in Madagascar is focused in Mahajanga and the capital, Antananarivo, cities which have been heavily impacted by recent natural disasters.

Emergency Intervention and Long-Term Accompaniment 

At the end of 2006, we identified over 100 children living on the streets of Mahajanga. Just surviving is the daily task of these children, who are often victims of inclement weather such as monsoons; deprivation; and poverty, as well as potential violence and sexual abuse.

Our work began in August 2006 when Claire Falisse and Marie Falquet noted the number of children in the streets in the Mahajanga city center. Step by step they formulated their plan, at the children’s request, for the creation of a new center. It soon became evident that the children needed permanent, socio-educative care, going well beyond the emergency center that was originally envisioned.

To respond to this need, in February 2007 Prométhée Humanitaire opened the Fanovozantsoa Center. Today it is home to 20 children: girls and boys aged from 2 to 17.

The organization « Enfants du Monde » supported Prométhée Humanitaire in its efforts to open the first center for street children in Mahajanga.

The team at the center is composed of a director, an administrative director, 4 teachers, a housekeeper, and a cook, who all work together to ensure the children’s well-being. This way the children can be fed and housed, grow up in a stable environment, and receive an education.

Prométhée Humanitaire provides concrete, pedagogical support through regular visits, constant contact, and the participation of foreign volunteers at the center, who bring their skills for varying lengths of time.

In partnership with the Fanovozantsoa Organization, Prométhée Humanitaire assures the children’s safety and the respect of their fundamental human rights, promotes their education (both scholarly and professional) for their personal and social fulfillment, and helps them plan for their future in order to break the cycle of poverty.

All the children in our center attend school. Among our old and current students, one has now found a job, another has started university, and a third has just received his brevet.

Prométhée Humanitaire provides the basic funding for the operation of the center, and would like to continue to aid and follow the children’s development for as long as possible. However, the organization does not have sufficient funding to meet the real needs of the center, and we are actively seeking partners and financial support.

You can also support our project to create a bakery where the children leaving our center can integrate themselves into professional life and receive a salary.