History (The Story): 24 Years of Existence in Service to the Children of the Streets


It all started on a trip to Vietnam of Claire Motte dit Falisse and Clotilde Heusse. Beyond the beauty of the landscape and the warm welcome from the Vietnamese people, which particularly attracted the attention of the two travellers, there was the extremely devastating conditions in which many/numerous homeless children were living. They decided to meet an association that welcomes children like this. What they saw was horrifying: at the fault of the place, the children were sleeping three to a bed, and the rain came through the roof of the room. Upon their return to France, Claire Falisse et Clotilde Heusse made the decision to collect funds to construct a building with 10 bedrooms with 5 beds each and decided to create the association, Prométhée Humanitaire.



Low and behold, the donors responded favorably, and the total amount collected was enough to start constructing an orphanage in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, offering more welcoming conditions.



The association, presided by Claire Motte de Falisse, is recognized as a charity by the Prefecture of Paris.



Prométhée Humanitaire intervenes/goes into Dakar, Senegal to help two organizations working to help homeless children, and put in place a free medical center/clinic.



Prométhée Humanitaire intervenes/goes to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to buy and finance the upkeep of the welcome house: welcome center for the homeless children, which is managed by the association “Thao Dan” 



The association pursued its implementation in Dakar by financing the purchase of the welcome center for the young boys “hlm Pattes-d’oie”, managed by senegalese association “SPER”



Prométhée Humanitaire intervenes in Jacmel, Haiti by opening a welcome center for you boys managed by the foundation “Chemin La Ville”. Our association is rewarded with the Gold Justice Award for Humanities 



Prométhée Humanitaire creates the first center for homeless children in Mahajanga, Madagascar called “FANOVOZANTSAO”



Our association creates and puts in place, in Madagascar, a welcome center and children rights application. Mainly for young girs (CDE) and abandoned children. It has since operated independently.



We searched for funds to relocate those greatly affected/displaced by the earthquake in Haiti in order to relocate the people of the slums and bring 180 kilos of tents.



We constructed a building to welcome the majority of young people in Haiti.



We searched for funds for the construction of a new center in Senegal, and we bought 2000 meters of land in Casamance.



We started using a larger house in order to better manage the arrival of new children 



the creation of the solidarity bakery: La Baleine, held by the children



In the face of Covid, we took in 50 children at the last minute, of which most are 9 years old. Some children arrived with tuberculosis, typhoid, dengue fever, and bilharzia (snail fever).



Recreate a library in Haiti and a game room for the children with a container filled with games and blocks for them to play with



A construction project of the center in Casamance in the south of Senegal: We are in the process of acquiring funds.