President and Founder
Claire dit FALISSE
Director and Founder
Michel BLANC
The Volunteers
The Volunteers

Prométhée Humanitaire :

A Team of Volunteers Helping Children


Here is part of the Prométhée Humanitaire team.

The organization is rich with dozens of active volunteers as well as numerous members.

We are always looking for new active volunteers. If you wish to donate a bit of your time, please visit the Be a Volunteer page on the site.


Clotilde HEUSSE LAGOUCHE : President

Claire MOTTE dit FALISSE : Director and Founder


Mandana : Organization of pre-sales and sales, aided by the Perse team

Julien SEGARD : Logistics Coordinator


Cyrille TOTOZAFY : Communication

Jeanne LAURENT : Communication

Pascal CHAMPLON : Sponsorship Manager



Gérard NORMAND : Website Manager

Xavier DUPLUY, Vincent, Loïc, Pascal, Laure BARONIAN : Communication

Dominique BLANCHARD, Jean Christophe ALLEN-VACHON, Marc LEPVEU – (GL Signalétique), Simon et Augustin (GL installation) : The image and miracle of the event

Laure CHEVALIER : Épinal Branch Head

Agnès CHAMPLON : Toulouse Branch Head

Dan THORENS : New York Branch Head

Anne-Lucie LIBREECHT : Belgium Branch Head and Clothing Manager for sales

Corine, Elisabeth et Myriam : The indispensable Falisse sisters

et Urian Maillard, Patrick, Nathalie et Lionel Beffre, Stéphane et Dora Nellet, Jean Michel Petit, Bol de couscous, Jean et Claude ACKER, Saïd, Emmanuelle et Michel Louisade Blanc, Rose, Emilie, Faty, Olivier, Orély Léong PO, Caroline, Claude, Charles, Emmanuel et Emmanuelle, Christophe, Alex, Hélène, Justine, Leslie, Vincent, Merwan, Hélène and all the other volunteers…