Prométhée Humanitaire :
An Organization Supported by Corporate Sponsorship

Over the years, Prométhée Humanitaire has developed 4 complementary ways of sponsorship.

Corporate Philanthropy
The principal way to support Prométhée Humanitaire is corporate philanthropy through the donation of decorative objects, luxury clothes, fashion accessories, table art, and toys, which are then sold in our bi-annual sales. These sales have taken place in Paris for many years, and our next sale will be the 41st! The creation of branches in Toulouse has expanded the organization and allowed the opportunity to organize more sales.

The organization has also received other types of corporate philanthropy such as the donation of venues for the sales, plane tickets, drink donations, or loans for trucks or other equipment for the sale.

‘Skills Sponsorship’
For many years, Prométhée Humanitaire has been open to the donation of services, skills, or time.

For example, the organization regularly collaborates with lawyers who assist us on issues related to legislation on children’s rights. In addition, for all questions related to the drafting of notarial deeds, agreements, or contracts, we receive the gracious support of law firms.

In the future, the organization is open to other types of ‘skills sponsorship’ to find solutions to the technical problems we encounter in the maintenance or construction of our children’s centers.

Media Partnership
Prométhée Humanitaire benefits from media partnerships, which include both its communication tools (brochures, logos) and press announcements to promote the bi-annual clothing and object sales.

Our main partners are : Télérama, Paris Match, La Croix, L’Officiel, Pariscope, Le Journal du Dimanche, Radio NOVA, RFI, RFO, Maison et objet, Tecknikart Mademoiselle, Elle à Paris…

Certain organizations have chosen to go above and beyond in their support and engagement, and participate financially in the operation of a center.

The brand Pylônes supports the organization SPER in Dakar, Senegal; the brand Mais il est où le soleil supports the KROMA Foundation in Jacmel, Haiti; and the Musée des Arts Forains de Paris supports Prométhée Humanitaire‘s general actions.

Considering that sponsorship, in general, is by definition cultural (and as a result is not a static entity but rather in flux, where change is the dominant reality), Prométhée Humanitaire is conscious that humanitarian sponsorship evolves because it presents itself as the revealer of the values that are important to people.

Thus, today priority is given to:

  • – The fight against exclusion
  • – Education and integration

In addition, the new trends of humanitarian sponsorship try to combine:

  • – Social concerns
  • – Employee volunteering
  • – The provision of skills

In sum, the principle objectives of corporate sponsorship are:

  • – To reenforce a business’s notoriety through participation in an event
  • – To associate a business’s institutional image with a general interest
  • – To build a reputation through a strong and durable relationship with all parties
  • – To build staff cohesion
  • – To appear as a civic-minded business

More generally, the unity of philanthropic approach is sought in the universality of the donation. The important element to retain is the desire to help others, that is, altruism: a universal and absolute value.

Prométhée Humanitaire‘s Approach to the Greater Trends of Humanitarian Sponsorship

The Fight Against Exclusion
Prométhée Humanitaire is engaged with the most destitute populations of the third world: children. In our action, we particularly focus on street children. We call for an altruistic approach aimed at raising awareness of the catastrophic situation of these children, who are victims of hunger, disease, violence, and prostitution.

Support in Terms of Health, Education, and Integration
Through the creation of our centers, Prométhée Humanitaire has developed a form of long-term action which allows children to benefit from long-term social, educational, medical, and psychological aid and monitoring. Prométhée Humanitaire‘s field work remains in the hands of local organizations, who are the final decision-makers. These organizations are chosen on the basis of seriousness, humanity, and experience.

Each child sponsored by Prométhée Humanitaire is guaranteed, in addition to food and lodging, a real project for their future, starting with access to education and artistic and cultural activities.

After 20 years of existence, Prométhée Humanitaire has been able to develop a program that is undoubtedly in the field of humanitarian action.
Prométhée Humanitaire is committed to reporting its actions to its patrons, particularly during the sales organized twice a year. In addition, we offer our patrons the opportunity to visit our centers in Dakar, Mahajanga, and Jacmel, as well as our office in Paris. Finally, each year we present an activity report which allows our patrons and volunteers to follow in detail our actions in the different countries we work in.