Prométhée Humanitaire is only able to work thanks to the generosity of its many sponsors and donors !

An ever-growing need for funds
Prométhée Humanitaire works to serve one of the least privileged populations in the world: children. PH works particularly with children who live on the streets. And according to 2006 statistics from UNICEF, there are more than 150 million children living on the streets in the world.
PH aims to raise awareness to the children who have fallen victim to hunger, illness, violence, and even prostitution.
However this battle against marginalization requires funds, and this need is only growing each year.
Long-term commitment
By establishing centers for children, Prométhée Humanitaire is working to serve children for the long-term socially, intellectually, physically, and psychologically. With long-term commitment being one of our main priorities, it is also necessary to find a source of funding that is equally committed to provide for the long-term and help us guarantee quality and enduring support for children.
The support of many donors
The funds that we receive are used solely to finance and continue the various projects we have taken on.
Regular reports of our projects and actions
Our biannual sales, in addition to being fundraising events, are also good opportunities for us to present our work to our sponsors and volunteers by showing photos and videos. The executive team is also present to talk about the centers themselves and also about the general situations in the countries in which we are currently working.
More than 60 business partners
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For our especially committed sponsors
To us at Prométhéé Humanitaire, the best sponsors are those who give consistently year after year. Our organization works hard to keep in contact with our sponsors⏤who have played such a huge role in keeping our organization running year to year⏤through various outlets which include our website, presentations, and biannual sales.
Tax exemptions
As a recognized charitable organization, Prométhée Humanitiare is able to receive tax deductible donations.