“I sometimes doubt that it is possible to save the man of today. But it is still possible to save the children of today’s man, their bodies and their spirits. It is possible to offer them, at the same time, a chance for happiness and a chance for success. If we must resign ourselves to live without beauty and liberty, as the myth of Prometheus signifies, we are reminded that all mutilation of man can only be temporary, and nothing is served of men if one does not serve all.” –Albert Camus

Why Become a Member?

  • – Because there are tens of millions of street children and Prométhée Humanitaire was created 20 years ago with a mission to educate and give a future to millions of these disenfranchised children.
  • – Because Prométhée Humanitaire demands an altruistic approach aimed at raising awareness for the catastrophic situations of these children, who are victims of hunger, disease, aggression, or prostitution.
  • – To finance our centers which will allow children to reap the benefits of long-term social, educational, medical, and psychological care.
  • – Because Prométhée Humanitaire works with local organizations, who remain the decision-makers and who are selected on the basis of recognized capability to fight for the rights and futures of street children.

By becoming a member of Prométhée Humanitaire, you can also benefit from 10% off items in our bi-annual sales!

You can become a member of the organization at three different levels:

  1. Membre bénévole: Annual fee of 5€
  2. Membre adhérent: Annual fee of 15€
  3. Membre d’honneur: Annual fee of 45€